Coconut & Aloe Vera 

Natural exfoliating soap Bar

Petal Soap Bar Coconut Aloe Vera.

A beautiful blend of Aloe Vera a popular natural ingredient for acne prone skin will leave your skin moisturised and over time can reduce and improve the appearance of acne scarring, Coconut will feed the layers of skin responsible for the plumpness and overall health.

Gentle natural poppy seed and Raspberry seed will gently lift the layers of dead skin cells and help improve the texture and tone of your skin without any harsh scrubbing.

Exfoliating moisturising soap bar will have your skin feel moisturised, hydrated perfect for improving the texture and tone of your skin with the use of harmful chemicals. 

All our ingredients are consciously prepared with sensitive eczema prone skin in mind and will leave your skin feeling moisturised and healthy.

We do not use any filler ingredients in our products each ingredient is well researched and to aid in sensitive skincare.



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