Papaya & Orange

Natural Soap Bar

Naturally scented with Orange essential oil helping skin to absorb vitamin C, this beautiful natural soap has papaya fruit powder which contains high levels of vitamin C which increase the plumpness of the skin and is a natural wrinkle smoother. Papaya has papain which naturally remove dead skin cells with out harsh scrubbing to reveal naturally brighter youthful skin.

Great eczema friendly soap bar for exfoliating

With a aloe Vera, carrot and cucumber base this soap is packed with all ingredients that your skin will love. 

Beautiful accent product to our bath bombs and salts. Handmade and vegan.

All our ingredients are consciously prepared with sensitive eczema prone skin in mind and will leave your skin feeling moisturised and healthy. We do not use any filler ingredients in our products each ingredient is well researched and to aid in sensitive skincare.



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